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You know about of some of the big problems our community might be facing right now- from lack of education to lack of access to clean water. But have you ever thought of ways to deal with them? Do you know what it takes to build a startup focus on impact? What if, you could improve your problem solving skills and get smarter while dealing with the world’s problems?

Co.Create helps you to do just that.

We believe that you have what it takes to solve the everyday problems of our community/country/region.

About the Game

Co.Create is a board game aims to help you develop unique entrepreneurial and problem solving skills. Unlike regular board games, Co.Create has the distinct advantage of encouraging both teamwork and competition between teams.

Why do we place such a big emphasis on teams? Because in real life all great social startups need a driven group of people working together in order to succeed.

Co.create can be a great tool to use in a workshop, led by a facilitator.

We don't have a dice! It’s unfair to lose a game based on pure luck. That’s why, in Co.Create, you can only progress based on your intellectual ability and teamwork . You will have to complete 4 major stages and deliver an elevator pitch to secure funding for your idea.

Discover. Decode. Devise. Deliver

Are you ready to create impact?

Why Co.Create?

Develop Persuasion Skills

Build your negotiation and persuasive skills while playing. They’re going to come in handy when you have to raise funds or get a better deal.

Authentic Real-life Scenarios

Learn about real life situations both at a community and at a global level through the selected scenarios.

Perfect Collaboration Exercise

Develop a better understanding of the different roles within a team and learn exactly how to be a leader and delegate tasks efficiently.

Have fun while learning useful real-life skills. The game will keep you engaged as it gets more challenging, so you can have the perfect fun/learning balance.

Enhance Adaptability

Step by Step Learning

The game will walk you through every stage of a startup and provide a new challenge in every single steps of the game; You will be smarter with every move.

Co.create will be in the market soon!

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From an idea to a product in few hours? It's amazing. Good team work, great engagement, great initiative.

Sadiq Hussain, UX/UI Designer

All in all it's an interesting approach to a board game. The game provides good insights and info for individuals with entrepreneurial interests.

Umair , University Student

It is not just a game, it vibrates our minds to start squeezing all the power of thinking we have. With CO.CREATE I believe I can do something impactful.

Duaa Saif, Network Marketer


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